Prime 1 Studio Exclusive Rainbow Batman!!

We have been showing off the Cutie1 on our SNS for a few weeks now. We are sorry to keep you waiting. The official release date has been decided.


On October 1st, the Cutie1 Harajuku Store, Prime 1 Studio Online store, and our official Amazon page will begin the launch of Rainbow Batman!!


The very colorful 6-color set!!





The special blue color will be exclusive to the 6-color set!



It’! The way the buttons are eyes and the mouth is a zipper gets us everytime!



Its also cutie from the side, check out the chubby belly.


You might be used to the normal stoic Bruce Wayne, but he becomes very cute when in the form of a Cutie1!


Besides the exclusive blue color, the other colors can also be purchased separately online and at our Harajuku store!


We also have some Rainbow Batman goods on sale at the Harajuku store. Let’s take a look!



Tote Bag (Black)




This Eco- friendly tote bag is both good for shopping as well as your casual stroll. The color white is also available!






The silhouette of Rainbow Batman sits perfectly in the design of this black hoodie. Designed to be worn by both Men and Women, also matching any bottom parts! It also looks good in a larger size.


Rainbow Batman Goods are now on sale at the Cutie1 Harajuku Store!!!

Come visit us and have some fun!