Have you ever heard of “Mogwai”?

How about “Gizmo”?


Maybe you have heard of these cute creatures, also known as Gremlins from the popular American comedy movie.


The infamous, adorable “Gizmo” is now available as a Cutie1 figure!!


■cutie1 Gremlins Gizmo■


Gizmo designed in mind with what you would see on a plush toy! A Gizmo Cutie1!


Pre-order begins on September 4, 2020 at 3PM JST!

Expected to ship December 2020 to March 2021




The round pot belly is so cute!


By the way, we would like to remind you of the rules of caring for Gizmo, that you may know from the movie. Failure to abide these rules will cause your cute Gizmo to turn into a ferocious Gremlin! Good thing is these rules also apply to taking care of your new stylized figure!


1,Do not expose to light
(Extended direct sunlight is bad for your Cutie1!)

2,Do not get it wet
(No one wants mold on their collectable)

3,Do not give it food at night
(Also it’s not edible, please keep small parts away from children)



Gizmo is waiting for you!


Pre-order now!