Have you checked our Cutie1 Shop in Harajuku, it just opened this June!

We have some really awesome upcoming titles that we are collaborating with, ranging from Anime to Video Games and Movies! We are looking forward to these great releases!



Firstly, we have the legendary full scale battle manga “Hokuto no Ken”. How Kenshiro and others will look as a Cutie1 will be released soon!



You may have heard of the long established Anime production company Tatsunoko Production. This company has laid the foundation for many Japanese anime characters.

What characters will we release from Tatsunoko?! Stay tuned!




With Devil May Cry 5, the popular action video game series, we plan to bridge the gap between cuteness and stylishness!




Next, from the upcoming “Wonder Woman 1984” movie, The strong and beautiful Wonder Woman, soon to be the strong, beautiful, and “cute” Wonder Woman!



From the upcoming movie “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” The ultimate representation of a heroine with an attitude. Lets see her power as a Cutie1 figure!




And last but not least, from the traumatic horror movie “IT”, as a Cutie1, will it instill the same horror?!



We are still making many characters in the Cutie1 lineup and we hope to bring you joy and excitement with each one.

Stay tuned for more information!