Finally, August 22nd, The first 3 Cutie1 original stylized figures are on sale at the Cutie1 Shop in Harajuku after their arrival from Planet CUTE!


First is Blank!



The First Original Cutie1 Character. Meet BLANK! He has a smooth body, all white and fully customizable if you wish!

How Charming! Whenever, wherever, Blank moves at his own pace and always tries to keep the peace.


Blank likes popcorn, whipped cream, naps during the day, and anything else that is fluffy!
Get yours Today!



Next, Mosh!!


One of our Original Cutie1 Characters. Meet MOSH and his Stylish Mohawk hairstyle.

He is the self-proclaimed coolest & the leader of the bunch, always looking out for his Cutie1 band of brothers!

Mosh, very reflective of his name, loves music and live concerts and is, of course, always taking care of his hair. Get yours Today!



The Third one is the bright red Roast


One of our Original Cutie1 Characters. Meet ROAST. And watch out because HE. IS. LIT!

He’s a charming & mischievous dude who likes to party.

He likes to crank up the atmosphere and mood and gets everyone excited!


Saturday, August 22nd, Cutie1 Characters will complete their journey to Harajuku from Planet Cute. Order while supplies last!


Cutie1 Harajuku Shop


150-0001 Shizumo Ⅱ 1F, 3-19-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours

11:00 - 20:00

10 minute walk from JR Harajuku Station Takeshita Exit

7 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingumae Station Exit 5