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Is it a stuffed animal?! Is it an Action Figure?!

Not exactly, but perhaps the Cutest “Kawaii” Soft Vinyl Styled figures you will ever see!

Recognizable for our incorporation with buttons and stitching patterns of their original character style, we offer a diverse line of collectibles and merchandise in the well crafted, magnificent design of our new series of figures. Behold the birth of Cutie1!

A TRUE COLLECTORS’ item. Each Cutie1 figure is made with soft vinyl and extreme attention to detail in the texture. The display possibilities are endless! Keep on the look out as these cute characters will be released one after another in a numbered series for your creative arrangement ideas.

Cutie1's World




The First Original Cutie1 Character. Meet BLANK! He has a smooth body, all white and fully customizable if you wish! Whenever, wherever, Blank moves at his own pace and always tries to keep the peace.

Blank likes popcorn, whipped cream, naps during the day, and anything else that is fluffy! Get yours Today!


A planet where Blank and his friends live. A mysteroius place where varoius things are made of arts and crafts materials.